Jamison found his voice in his songwriting. Although he began playing everything from piano to violin as a child and writing songs as a teenager growing up in Durham, North Carolina, it wasn’t until 2011 when he bought a steel-string acoustic guitar that he started crafting melodies and lyrics that actually drew from his life.

While performing his songs in open-mics, shows, and festivals around the Triad, Jamison has drawn comparisons to John Mayer, Andre 3000, and an array of others. It was inspiring to hear that the music was relatable from friends and strangers alike, and that by sharing some of his life in song, others could see that they were not alone.

His debut album ‘Drum Breaks and Broken Strings’ was born during that time. An eclectic mix of pop, rock, and soul, YES Weekly described it as being “all over the map with soulful guitar ballads and devilishly quirky pop”. The album is a cyclical tale of loss and love and a journey that invites you to listen from start to finish.

In August of 2016, after living in Florida for over a year, Jamison and his wife have moved back to NC and now reside in the Charlotte metropolitan area where the album can reach new ears. Stay tuned as new experiences inspire the next chapter in his music.







  • The album has been a high point of this years music releases for me.Poisonous Planet
  • Jamison Bethea‚Äôs debut Drum Breaks and Broken Strings is all over the map with soulful guitar ballads and devilishly quirky pop.YES! Weekly

Poisonous Planet ‘Drum Breaks and Broken Strings’ Album Review

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